Memory Care


A trememdous source of frustration for people with memory loss is feeling out of control. The Pines helps to alleviate this feeling through careful desighn, programs and activities. The Pines is planned and programmed to remind your loved one of the home they grew  up in, raised a family in, and retired in, however, safety is not sacrificed. The entire neighborhood is secured and the design keeps our staff inclose proximity to all residents in case of an emergency or the need for redirection. The resident's need to wander is addressed with the interior walking area and secured exterior walking path.


In addition to safety and security, the Pines offers programming to enrich the residents' lives. The caring staff works with each resident individually to include them in the daily activities they have enjoyed all their lives, and to design new activites to stimulate the resident's memory. Examples of these activites are, helping with dinner, laundry and housekeeping. Furnishings and decor have been selected for their calming effect and the ability to stimulate memories of years gone by. All of these innovative techniques help to create and environment with is truly reassusuring to the resident.



For those people who require the specialized assitance associated with Alzheimer's Disease, we offer The Pines at Wildwood Grove. The Pines neighborhood offers all of the same features associated with assisted living along with the additional skills necessary to accommodate the needs of people with memory loss.


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